Triton CO3 1000ml

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Triton CO3 is a concentrated alkalinity solution that is designed to increase your aquarium's alkalinity level without increasing the demand for the Triton Base Elementz. Some reef tanks may need a boost in alkalinity because their calcium and magnesium levels are too high already but the alkalinity level is still below 8dKH. We highly suggest keeping a bottle of Triton CO3 on hand for periodic boosts in alkalinity.

Instructions: 100mL will increase 25 gal of water by 3dKH.

Shake well before use. Measure out the desired amount of Triton CO3 and slowly add the solution to a high flow area of your aquarium. Adding the solution too fast may cause it to precipitate out of solution. It is also very important to monitor the pH of the aquarium when CO3 is being added.

We do not recommend raising your alkalinity more than 1.4dKH per day.